Resolve: config error for building rrdtool1.4.5.

In previous article(Hiroaki's blog: config error for building rrdtool1.4.5 from ports on FreeBSD 7.4), the log said errors of 3rd-Party Libraries. So I reinstall "icu" and resolve this problem.

# portupgrade --batch -f -r icu

In the log of 3rd-Party Libraries, there is the message of "I could not find a working copy of glib-2.0 ". In the directory of /usr/ports/devel/glib20, type "make" and no errors appeared. Next message, " I could not find a working copy of pangocairo". So I moved to /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/pango and type "make". This case, there are error.

I realize that I upgraded the icu and the errors of rrdtool occurs after that. So, I decide to re-install all the programs depend on the icu.